Helka is a full length feature animation film about a 13 year old princess, who has to face her greatest enemy in order to make the land of legends; the ever glorious Balaton Empire a place of freedom and happiness.

Format: 90 min. FHD
Target audience: Family
Technique: 2D/3D animation
Genre: Feature Animation
Production company:  Budapest Film Production

The story became very popular and
well known based on the books of Péter Nyulász.
It is such a success in Hungary that it has been
reprinted multiple times.

In our film, existing locations around
the Balaton become a part of the magic.
In order to recreate the mood and
of the locations we created indepth
field studies around the locations.

It is an epic fantasy story with monsters and magic. Our heroine, Helka goes through
great adventures while discovering herself, friendship, love and the world around her.