H.A.Z.E. is a dramatic sci-fi
adventure story with a deep
philosophical message set in a
post-apocalyptic world.

Written by Ferenc Nóthóf and László Nyikos

Genre: animation series
Format: 24min episodes
Target Audience: 12+
Technique: 2D/3D animation

In an alternate history, after the industrial revolution “veil energy” created a new present and future. Humanity prospered to a never seen level until it suddenly collapsed. After the apocalypse we see the ruins of a once great civilization covered by Veil-steam pollution.

The story is about a group of
scavengers called the Mantes.
They are lead by Vespar Bold,
an ex-security officer of  Veil corp.,
the very company that
created Veil energy.

During one of their typical missions they uncover a prototype robot which has the potential to drastically alter their future. Some of them see it as their savior but others as their doom.

The Mantes suddenly find themselves in the center of a cross tribal conflict where they not only have to fight against the cruel world ad other humans but also against a new type of human existence The Blue ones.

The goal of the series is to show a distorting mirror of modern man through an entertaining adventure story while touching on important questions about the human condition.