Borka and the magic dress

Format: 13 ep. X 7 min.
Target audience: 3-6
Technique: 2D/3D animation
Production Status: In development
Genre: TV-Series

The beautiful tale of Borka is about a 5 year old girl, who is experiencing the hardships of life.
With the help of her magic dress she can travel back in time to learn from her ancestors how to handle these new challenges.

The aim of the show

This animated series targets both preschool age and young children (4-8) dealing with their everyday problems, at the same time it also targets the whole family. We would like to inspire parents to talk about their own ancestors and stories to their children because we are convinced that with strong roots, wings will spread…

About the story

The main character is a little girl, Borka, who has a magic dress adorned with a traditionally embroidered motif representing a family tree. Borka inherited the dress from her great-grandmother. It symbolizes the protective shell of the family and its stories and traditions. Each time she uses the dress there is a lesson to be learned. The message is that the magic comes from within! The solutions to the problems always come from within the family, with the help of animated family legends.