Decipher concepts, processes, complex
data or new services with animation

Series, shorts,
features or commercials

Special effect and animation as a service for
live action movies, commercials, video mapping,
or any newmedia projects.

It can be an amazing story, a company message, a product, a concept,
a process, a bunch of data or anything you can think of.

We are a Budapest based animation studio creating various 2D and 3D animation content. We strive to keep track of the latest trends, the most advanced technologies and hunt for the best partners to create your animation

There is no business in the world which could
not benefit from animated images.

Illustrations with music and dialogue can create imaginary words
which can convey emotions, ideas, complex thoughts, concepts
and even raw data. Thanks to modern technology, the
production costs are shrinking and number of possible
applications are rapidly increasing.


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