Marty’s Garden

Format: 13 ep. X 7 min.
Target audience: 4-12
Technique: 2D/3D animation
Production Status: In production
Genre: TV-Series

A story about Marty, a 9 year old video game loving child who slowly falls in love with gardening and nature thanks to his new friend Lizi.


Matry’s parents buy a lovely but old weekend house at the countryside. They would like to slowly refurbish while spending some time out of the city. Marty is an average 9 year old boy growing up in a city, loves playing video games and he is not very much into sports and nature. At the countryside Marty meets Lizi, the granddaughter of their Neighbour, a 9 year old girl. As they become friends Marty slowly falls in love with gardening and nature and spends less and less time playing video games and at the same time he introduces Lizi and her grandma to the amazing world of the internet.

Aim of the show

Besides entertainment and fun the show highlights how gardening and spending time in nature can be fun and life fulfilling without sacrificing modern technology.

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