Balint Benkovits

I was born in Szentendre in 1979. In High school I specialized into computer programming but I later switched course and applied to the University of Fine Arts where I graduated in 2008. As an artist I worked on various video installations and video mapping projects and at the same time I became more and more involved with 3D animation. In 2002 with a small group of friends I started working as a web and graphic designer. Later throughout the years I worked on 3D commercials, video mapping and animation projects and from 2010 I have been working on kids animation shows to reinvent cartoons for children. Due to my unique mixture of programming and artistic skills I have both the visionary eyes and the technical mindset to create amazing worlds.




Meaningful content and appealing visual style is our baseline when creating TV shows. Our latest works include the Borka and the magic dress series (13*7min episodes, target age group 4-8) and the Paradicsomleves an animated music video series (13*3min target age group 3-6).
Our very ambitious goal is to extend our production capabilities to feature animation. In 2016 we developed a complete production pipeline, visual world along with a two minute pilot and a four minute story reel for Helka, a successful children book.
From virtual reality environments to motion graphics we create a wide variety of content for the web and mobil devices. Recently we created a Christmas greetings 360 video for MYAD and a similar 360 interactive video for GE..
We make amazing visual content for our clients and brands. Our latest commercial was crafted for GE with the emphasis on innovation and future technologies.

Tomato soup – Paradicsomleves

A lovely music series based on the poems of János Lackfy. Each three minute story discovers a specific meal from the daycare menu.

Borka and the magic dress

The beautiful tale of Borka is about a 5 year old girl, who is experiencing the hardships of life.

Marty’s Garden

A story about Marty, a 9 year old video game loving child who slowly falls in love with gardening and nature thanks to his new friend Lizi.

Penny and Blinky

Animals, humans and pixies such as Penny and Blinky are all living together in the great forest.

Momo and Zee

Two friends, Momo the bear and Zee the fly experience the effects of technology and civilization on the environment.


Helka is a full length feature animation film about a 13 year old princess, who has to face her greatest enemy in order to make the land of legends; the ever glorious Balaton Empire a place of freedom and happiness.

MYAD Christmas video

This 360 Christmas greetings video was created for MYAD in 2017.

General Electric VR commercial

We created a 360 Virtual Reality video and a 30 second spot for GE for their recruitment campaign.

Beáta Gurmai
writer and director
Ancsa Megyeri
Art Director
András Máté
2D artist
Norbert Berta
production coordinator
Balázs Sarkadi Nagy
director and editor
László Nyikos
Studio manager and
Animation supervisor
Balint Benkovits
Producer and
CG supervisor